Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO strategies will help your website rank. It doesn’t matter whether you want to reach an international audience or be the top ranking service in your area, we can develop a plan for your business. A combination of content marketing and outreach campaigns are a good foundation to grow your audience online.

Content Marketing

XPath can help you discover and distribute your brands best stories. We create unique content that engages & inspires.Let XPath help you create something great – content that is capable of exponential growth that is a lasting asset to your business. Crafting quality content is equal parts art and science. While compelling content can be extremely difficult to come by but it’s the only kind worth spending money on.

Stop wasting your time setting up conference calls and navigating glossy PDFs from fly-by-night agencies promising the world. Most content marketing efforts are doomed to the scrapheap of low rankings because most marketers lie about their ability to deliver results. Don’t let your brands stories get buried because you didn’t get the transparency you deserve. In a world of supposed “secret knowledge” & magic growth hacks, we pride ourselves in following the data. If your current content campaigns are not returning on your investment, you need to change course.

Local Search

Over 70% percent of users who run a local search visit a store within 5 miles. If you have a physical location and walk in clientele, you need to embrace Local SEO.

App Store Optimization

If you have an app and want to rank higher, XPath can help you navigate the App Stores.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing provides the opportunity to build brand awareness, transmit messages to key audiences, and drive website traffic at very low cost. If done correctly, this channel can offer big returns through more leads and prospects which can dramatically increase revenue.

Video Marketing

Video can convert customers like no other medium. Reach out with the right message to the right person at the right time!

Email Marketing

Email is a very powerful channel that can add to your brand’s marketing mix without a major effort.

Online platforms/forums

Webinars & Podcasts